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Bear Park Interview

Kerry – Hey there, Bear Park! It’s great to have you here. How did you feel seeing your music pressed to vinyl for the first time? “It was crazy! We never knew what the process would actually look like, so it was cool that our first time seeing vinyl pressed was also the first time […]

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Omega Nebula Interview

Hey! Congrats on the vinyl release! How’s life treating you since then? Thanks so much! Life is amazing! Vinyl is flying out and we’re preparing to take our new live show on tour this May! For those just tuning in, how would you sum up Omega Nebula’s sound and style? We like to call it

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Late TV Interview

“Hello! Can you introduce us to the talented members of your band and share a bit about how this musical journey all began?” Luke – Late TV consists of myself, Luke Novak on guitar and vocals, Ryan Szanyi on Bass, Richard ‘Beu’ Bowman on Drums and Hannah Stacey has just joined us on Keyboards and

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Simma Interview

We love the vibes of your music! We have had it playing in our office. How would you describe the sound of this new album to the average person? Hello and thank you! So if you were to take the rawest elements of 80’s digital reggae, add some dubbed-out hip-hop flows and sprinkle in some

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Pointy Features Interview

Hey there! Mind introducing yourself, and could you spill the beans on how the name “Pointy Features” came to be? My name is Dan Leak, I am a guitarist, producer and teacher from County Durham. I go by the alias Pointy Features, a name that emerged during a holiday in Berlin with friends. While at

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