About Press On Vinyl

Press On Vinyl is a State-of-the art vinyl record manufacturing facility in Middlesbrough, UK.

The plant was conceived by a group of vinyl lovers determined to produce high-quality records that could be accessible to artists of all sizes.

We have developed a manufacturing service that empowers labels and artists to capitalise on the significant growth in vinyl sales across the UK music industry, whilst keeping production UK-based and focussed on sustainability targets.

As part of one of the UK’s longest running independent music companies Futuresound Group the plant boasts expertise not only in vinyl manufacture but an understanding of the wider music industry and demands upon artist and label campaigns.

Our sister company ‘Fairsound’ is an example of this providing a full service of pre-order, manufacture and fulfilment to independent artists allowing them to press vinyl without upfront costs.

In terms of manufacture we offer a wide range of colour, special effects, marble and many more innovative designs at runs from 100 to over 10,000.

This attention to product detail has let to us working with various established artists and labels on bespoke products including Blood Records, Dinked!, Jamie T, Pidgeon Detectives and Far Caspian.

We are able to provide a service that covers all areas of the process of bringing vinyls to market.

Our in-house engineer can master your record, we cut the lacquers and stampers in-house, and aside from pressing we can even bring your vinyl direct to customers via Fairsound and provide footage of your vinyl being pressed for social media use.

You will be updated on every stage of the process by our account management team and can contact the plant direct via text, email or phone at any time during the process.

Pressing Vinyl has become a dream come true for us. We care deeply about the quality of our products, the experience for our customers and the independent artist and label sector as a whole, reserving capacity for short runs alongside our bigger customers.

Get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you or try our vinyl configurator to build your product.

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