Late TV Interview

“Hello! Can you introduce us to the talented members of your band and share a bit about how this musical journey all began?”

Luke – Late TV consists of myself, Luke Novak on guitar and vocals, Ryan Szanyi on Bass, Richard ‘Beu’ Bowman on Drums and Hannah Stacey has just joined us on Keyboards and Vocals. Parisian maestro Martin Coxall played the keyboards and synths on Vanity City. However he’s relocated from London to Barcelona; we are not sure if it’s for work reasons or just to lie low for a while. We rehearse under a pub in London Bridge, most of the album was written down there amongst the pipe work, we just come up for air and drinks every now and again.

“Since the release of that amazing splatter vinyl last September, how has life been for the band? Any interesting stories or experiences you’d like to share?”

It’s been amazing to have a physical form of our music, and we’ve been lucky enough to be stocked at our local shop, Stranger Than Paradise in Hackney as well as Ryan’s local in Chicago, Region Records. There’s been nothing better than receiving videos of our record spinning on people’s turntables!

“What influences you for creating music within the band, and can you tell us the story of how the band was formed?”

Luke – I like to think of Late TV as the house band of an imaginary late-night chat show, a mysterious transmission from high up the farthest reaches of your remote control. We make cinematic rock music with elements of Jazz, Funk and New Wave, following a line from Lynch and Tarrantino. We evolved rather than formed. Beu and I have played together since school, and we’ve just always kept going, pulling in other people and going through lots of phases but always with the same underlying vibe. We’ve had everything from violins to brass sections in the band. The current line up is great, and really kicks it live.

“We love the look of your splatter disc and the colours you chose! Was that always the plan, or did you face challenges in deciding on the perfect variant for your album?”

Thanks so much! We were like kids in a candy shop really, particularly Ryan, who mocked up around 20 variations. We wanted something that complemented the artwork and vibe of the record, while being a statement on its own. It was a toss up for a marble or splatter, and the Press on Vinyl team helped steer us to get a great result.

“Great job on the captivating album artwork! Can you tell us about your role in its creation, especially in ensuring it complements the vibe of the splatter disc?

Luke – The album artwork is by a friend of mine, the illustrator James Bourne . We used to live together at university. His style, his playfulness and use of characters is brilliant, we just felt like that would really compliment the themes of the album. Where each song drops in on different characters for a moment in their story.

“Any memorable stories from the recording process or standout moments that influenced the overall sound of this vinyl record?”

We ended up having to change up our strategy as we were due to head into the studio before the pandemic. Luke really took the reins and set up a home recording set up that allowed us to complete the music and give it more sonic texture.

“Exciting Times! Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming music releases or projects you’ve got in the pipeline?”

Ry – We have a couple tracks that we haven’t had a chance to record from the Vanity City days, but we’ve also been working on a new set worth of tunes that are jazzier and might utilize upright bass.

Luke – The new songs also feature Hannah’s playing and vocals which brings in a really nice touch.

“What’s been playing on your playlist lately? Any favourite artists or albums that have been a source of inspiration for the band?”

Ry – We’re big fans of Mildlife and are stoked for their new album coming out.

Luke – I have really been enjoying the new Alan Palomo (AKA Neon Indian) record on LP called ‘World of Hassle”.. What a piece of work that is! And also “Sage Motel” by Monophonics, a great soul / Funk record that I received as a gift from Ry here!

“Reflecting on your experience with us at Press On vinyl, what factors led you to choosing us for pressing your vinyl, and how was the your experience?”

Ry – Reputation, transparency and communication were all big factors. We needed to get the LP pressed for the launch and the team made it happen, while also being one of the most affordable options for us to press it ourselves. The vinyl colour options and add ons like the PVC sleeve allowed us to create exactly what we look for in our favorite pressings we own from other bands.

“For eager fans hoping to catch your music live, any upcoming gigs or performances on the horizon?”

Ry – We’ll be hitting the road soon around London, and hopefully elsewhere in the UK over the spring & summer.

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