Most frequent questions and answers

General FAQ

10-14 weeks total including test pressings. Turnaround time begins once we have received all production files (audio and artwork), proof approval and payment confirmation.

100% payment on the sales order is required to confirm an order. Due to the high demand, limited capacity and in fairness to all clients we will always prioritize fully paid orders

Yes. If you have a preference to work with a particular cutting studio you may send us your own cuts / lacquers. Please contact your account manager for further details and instructions.

Yes. We can arrange shipping to any country. A custom shipping quote can be obtained through your account manager.

*except high risk and non-sanctioned countries.

Yes. We can split ship an order to several points. Shipping fees and a split charge (per extra address) will apply. Contact your account manager for further details.

100pcs is the minimum quantity order.

Yes. The minimum per color must be 100pcs. A charge will apply per split.

Mastering & Audio Faq

Audio files should be named according to the tracklist and provided in WAV format, 44,100Hz (minimum)/24bit.

No. Clients must provide the audio files mastered and ready for cutting. We can recommend reputable mastering studios upon request.

Ideal times per side for 45rpm : up to 12min / 33rpm up to 18min. Longer times per side on 33rpm are technically possible however there will be noticeable loss of sound quality potential.

Yes and no. Vinyl (analog) has its particularities and physical limits compared to digital. Many factors will affect the result, namely time per side, mastering, music genre and cutting type (DMM vs lacquer).

Clients must not expect a 1:1 result when compared to the digital master files but rather a warmer, unique characterful sound experience when using audio that is within the ideal tolerances.

No, not anymore. In the past, color pvc compounds would cause increased obvious surface noise when compared to standard black compound. However, the latest compounds are much better and any difference is barely noticeable.

No. Contrary to popular beliefs 180g is simply a cosmetic upgrade where the disc is heavier and thicker in feel. There is no sound quality advantage in going with 180g vinyl other than its cosmetic advantage over 140g.

Artwork & Design FAQ

All artwork must be designed using our templates and according to the instructions stated on them. Final files must be in PDF format.

All of our printed parts are large format offset printed (CMYK). We use only the highest quality art boards, papers and inks.

Yes, no problem at all. There is a packing charge per item for this. Please inform your account manager ahead of time to make arrangements.

Proof will be sent to you for approval within 5 working days after we receive them.

Upon receiving your proof approval we immediately move the item into print/production, therefore a proof approval means the item is printed. Should you need to send in a new file there will be a reprint charge.

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