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How it Works


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How it Works

Step One / Mastering & Cutting

At Press On Vinyl we understand how important the audio quality of your record is to you and your fans.

We can help guide you through the process to ensure your audio files are ready to hit the lathe (see our FAQ). If you would like us to handle the audio mastering for you, then our team of highly experienced engineers will make sure your music works perfectly on the vinyl format.

We perform all our master cuts using the time-proven, best methods on quality lacquer disks. Our highly skilled engineers will ensure your master disk is cut perfectly through our high end analogue chain and cutting lathe.

Step Two / Metalwork

From your master lacquer disks we will produce a quality set of stampers that are accurately formed for our pressing machines. Our high spec stamper labratory has the latest cutting-edge technology ensuring the highest standards of quality control at every stage of the process.

Step Three / Press On

We searched the industry for the best solution for the pressing process.

Our revolutionary new machines produce consistent quality records with lower energy consumption. Powered by a bespoke steam and cooling system, the whole operation is designed to deliver the best precision manufacturing in the industry.

Our pressing operators have pride in every record they press and take time to perform quality checks at every stage.

We can produce anything from traditional black records through to specialist splatter and picture disks (coming soon).

However creative you want to be with your disk design, our team will find a solution.

Finally / Printing & Packaging

Using the highest standard printing techniques we ensure your centre labels and sleeves look exactly how you want them.

We offer everything from disco bags to triple gatefolds and everything in between. (check out our templates section).

With a wide variety of finishes available we make sure that your art looks as good as it sounds!

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