There are 2 passions at the centre of everything we do at Press On Vinyl...MUSIC and MIDDLESBROUGH. This passion drives our mission to provide the best sounding vinyl products on the market from a regional base. For many years Middlesbrough’s heritage was very much industrial and centred around pioneering engineering innovation, and we are delighted to be bringing highly skilled, precision manufacturing back to Teesside. At Press On Vinyl we have invested heavily in the latest cutting edge vinyl production machinery and software, whilst also utilising the best tried and tested methods in order to achieve this aim. Everyone in the Press On Family also has a passion and drive to provide the highest level of customer service built on equality and transparency. There are well documented problems with the vinyl supply chain, and aside from increasing capacity for production we are committed to providing high quality vinyl for artists and labels big and small. We are here to see Middlesbrough and the Music Industry Press On.