The Vinyl Whistle – Leeds

Steve and I are off to Leeds for the day we intend to visit 2 record stores and attend an album launch so this trip will be in 3 parts.

Our first stop takes us to Headingley and a shop that is very close to the world famous cricket ground. This shop as the name suggests has a football connection, it is run by Jon Moss and his wife Julie.

Jon has recently retired as a premier league referee but for most of his life has been a massive music fan. I gave Steve strict instructions not to mention any dodgy decisions Jon may have given against his beloved Boro over the years and stick to the music.

The shop itself is in 2 areas, the ground floor has a great selection of new vinyl with tables and chairs to sample the delights of the café (Steve a coffee connoisseur can recommend the espresso).

There is also a good selection of beers. It’s downstairs where the fun begins, three rooms packed with thousands of used vinyl albums all genres, reasonably priced and in great condition.

Jon’s first love is 90’s indie rock but he has a great knowledge of all genres. The shop hosts a lot of very popular in-store gigs and runs an open deck day where you can book your slot and share your music.

Jon also runs his own small record label and generously gave us both a copy of one of his latest releases. An E.P. by Leeds band Mega Happy entitled Please Don’t Be My Dreams and it really is very good and well worth a listen.

We really enjoyed our visit to this shop it’s my kind of place and if I lived in Leeds would be a regular.

I have it from good sources that Press On Vinyl have made contact with Jon about future releases and I will be volunteering to deliver any future pressings.

For the audiophiles reading the shop has 2 Technics Decks , Technics Speakers and a Cambridge Amp.

Jon Moss – 5 Vinyl Records I Can’t Live Without.

  1. Pixies – Come On Pilgrim
 2. CUD – When In Rome Kill Me
 3. The Wedding Present – George Best
 4. Ride – Nowhere
 5. Pavement – Slanted and Enchanted

Jon Moss’ selection for the Press On Collection – CUD – Asquarius

Steve’s Selection – Van Morrison – His Band And The Street Choir

Neil’s Selection – Lucinda Williams – A Tribute To The Rolling Stones

We were on a tight schedule and I was as usual having trouble dragging Steve out of the store I finally got Jon to red card him and we were on our way.

P.S. VAR wasn’t consulted.

P.P.S. We are off to the city centre for our next blog if Steve can get out of this one way system we are doing more u-turns than Liz Truss.

The Vinyl Whistle – Leeds

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