Hartlepool Record Fair

There are three things in life that are certain – Death, Taxes and if there’s a local record fair Steve will go to it. Once or twice a year is sufficient for me whereas once or twice a month is Steve’s required fix.

So we are off to Hartlepool a town famous for it’s maritime history, Jeff Stelling and it’s alleged dislike for simian primates.

The fair is held at The Studio a place I’ve visited several times to attend gigs and a really nice little venue.

We got to the fair for it’s last three hours and it was very well attended, we spoke to severalt raders who said that footfall had be very good all day.

The first trader we spoke to was John Copeland who has been trading for 15 years and has a shop in County Durham (we’ll be visiting soon).

I asked John who his favourite band is and he said without hesitation Led Zeppelin. He personally owns around 500 albums by a band who only released 9 studio albums add to that 850 singles by a band who weren’t a singles band and you have a real Zep fanatic.

Can’t wait to visit his store chat a bit more and maybe get to see some of his collection.

Not surprisingly his favourite all time album is Physical Graffiti and his choice for the Press On collection was – The Beatles – Rubber Soul.

Next we went over to meet Phil Dunn a regular at these events with probably the largest collection at the fair. Phil has a store in Hartlepool, Northern Rocks Vintage Vinyl another one on our visit list.

Phil’s Favourite artist is Elvis Costello and the Attractions and his favourite all time single is Up The Junction by Squeeze, his selection for the Press On collection was by local band Mt. Misery titled Once Home, No Longer.

Our final trader today is Mark Boisey another regular he has some really good stock with a lot of new sealed albums indeed I bought a couple of albums from him.

He’s a big 60’s fan his favourite band is The Doors and favourite single Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys.

Mark’s pick for the Press On collection was $100 Dollar Fine by The Litter an American 60’s Psychedelic/Garage Rock band.

Neil’s haul from the Fair:

Dinosaur Jr. – Sweep It Into Space
My Morning Jacket – Self Titled
Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Get Happy
( Bought from our friend Mark from Vinyl Obi )

Steve’s buys:

The National – Trouble Will Find Me
Fleetwood Mac – Heroes Are Hard To Find
Nick Drake – Bryter Later

Our classic album for sale at the Fair is The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead

This was the 2012 reissue in mint condition and selling at £28.00.

Now this ranking is going to be difficult for Steve and me because it ranks in both our top 10 albums of all time and every track is absolutely perfect to us.

It’s so easy to laugh
It’s so easy to hate

It takes strength to be gentle and kind

Neil’s Track Ranking

  1. There is a light that never goes out.
 2. The Queen is dead
 3. Cemetry gates
 4. I know it’s over
 5. Bigmouth strikes again
 6. Frankly, Mr Shankly
 7. The boy with the thorn in his side
 8. Never had no one ever
 9. Some girls are bigger than others
10. Vicar in a tutu

Steve’s Track Ranking

  1. There is a light that never goes out
 2. The boy with the thorn in his side
 3. Some girls are bigger than others
 4. Bigmouth strikes again
 5. I know it’s over
 6. The Queen is dead
 7. Cemetry gates
 8. Never had no one ever
 9. Frankly, Mr Shankly
10. Vicar in a tutu

All in all we had a good day at this Fair we picked up some great vinyl, met some interesting people and by the way it was good to see all age groups here from teenagers to some even older than Steve. Also as a bonus despite Steve’s appearance he wasn’t hung

P.S. Our next blog will be about our experience queueing up in the rain outside Sound It Out Records for Record store Day.

P.P.S. We picked out a classic album unrelated to Record Store Day but for sale in Sound it Out and it is
Bob Dylan – Blood On The Tracks.

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