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Betterdaze Records is located in Northallerton a beautiful market town in North Yorkshire. After Neil’s criticism of Jazz FM and my Sat Nav I placed him in charge of tunes and travel.

After forty minutes of Nordic death metal and a slight detour to Southallerton we arrived at Betterdaze a shop very familiar to me as I have visited this establishment previously on numerous occasions over the last eight years.

The shop owner is one Gary Lewis who opened Betterdaze around ten years ago after moving on from a previous venture in the nearby Leyburn.

The shop stocks a large range of vinyl but it is by no means just a record shop as it also stocks a considerable range of music memorabilia, second-hand hi-fi/turntables and has a recently opened guitar exchange.

Another unique side-line within the premises is the Jukebox show room which has an eclectic selection of these marvellous vintage machines.

To all of those reading this blog that are younger than Neil and I (actually that is probably all of you) jukeboxes are large appliances usually located in pubs that are filled with a selection of seven inch vinyl singles which were mostly current chart hits of the day (see future blogs for definitions of 7” singles and hits) you put money into the jukebox and it would play your selected choice of music.

Betterdaze has an excellent line of hiring jukeboxes for parties and events which can be pre-installed with your own personalised selection of music.

Unfortunately, as we entered the shop Gary was called away on urgent business, so we had to be looked after by the amiable Mark Wilcox (co-owner of the recently reviewed RPM records and Canadian band Rush nut).

Mark made it clear he has no involvement in the running of Betterdaze but has just gone into business with Gary opening up Yesterdaze a vintage shop next door.

Luckily for us Mark is very knowledgeable and really saved the day. The vinyl selection in this shop is mainly second-hand covering all genres, eras, and price ranges.

If you are just starting out on your record collecting journey, I can recommend the ‘every record is £4.00 section’ which includes an excellent selection of original albums by classic artists which would be around six to seven times the price in your local branch of HMV but if you are searching for something a bit rarer or more distinct such as a first edition of Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon ‘solid blue triangle’ or an early Black Sabbath album on the Vertigo swirl label, this can be catered for assuming you are granted the bank loan that will be required for the purchase.

Mark Wilcox 5 vinyl records I can’t live without.

  1. Rush – Hemispheres
 2. Public Service Broadcasting- The Race For Space
 3. White Spirit – Self Titled
 4. David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust
 5. Depeche Mode – Singles 81-85

Mark Wilcox selection for the Press On Vinyl collection – Rush – All The World’s A Stage

Steve’s selection – George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice

Neil’s selection – John Lennon Plastic Ono Band – Self Titled

This shop is well worth a visit lots to see and some great value albums also we popped our heads into the vintage shop and it looked amazing.

P.S. Neil has never heard of Nordic death metal.
P.P.S Lookout for our next few blogs a three parter from Leeds with a bit of a twist.

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