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Vinyl Re-Pressing Done Right!

We already have your stampers, why not use our vinyl pre-order platform FairSound to get a fan funded re-press?

If enough of your fans pre-order your run goes ahead, if not you don’t get charged.

Fast, Clean, Simple – Press On.

Use the FairSound configurator below and see how much profit you could make (best on desktop or laptop).

1a. Single Disc Config

Disc Options

Master Lacquer
Centre Labels
90% reduction in product carbon footprint by removing the fossil fuel sources, certified by the ICSS

Eco-mix is a random mixture of re-grind PVC. This is a less expensive and more sustainable option. Please not that the colour you get will be completely random and may change throughout the full pressing run. We do not accept refunds on Eco-mix orders if you are not happy with the colour only if there is an audio problem.

Sleeving Options

Inner Sleeves
Outer Sleeves

Sleeve Inserts

Outer Packaging



Test Presses
Number of Tracks
£45 Per Track



Potential Profits

Fairsound Fees

Approximately how many records you need to sell for production to begin.

Not pressed with us before, find out more about how FairSound can help you here >>

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