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So we’re off to York, Steve and I are going to Pocklington Arts Centre to see The Delines. We decided to go early and visit a record shop (it would be rude not to) and it seems Vinyl Eddie is the place to go.

Steve is driving so this blog may never see the light of day. Our good friend Gary is with us he fell out of love with vinyl in the eighties so we’ll do our best to convert him back.

I’m the official navigator so while I wrestle with the archaic Sat Nav, Steve tunes into Jazz FM this could be a long journey.

Situated just outside the City Centre near the racecourse with plenty of parking in nearby roads the shop looks great from the outside and you really can’t miss it.

Inside the shop is bijou, space is limited but used to best effect with racks packed tightly with thousands and thousands of vinyl albums covering all genres.

The shop is owned by Eddie Parkinson and ably assisted by his Dad John. Eddie tells me he’s been in business here for 9 years and is doing well. He has over 25,000 items in stock not all are on display but if you ask for something and they have it John will find it in a flash.

They stock a lot of new releases and on Record Store Day have a queue round the block.

Eddie says he has an eclectic music taste but being brought up on 90’s indie rock would put that as his favourite genre.

Eddie runs a small independent Label and over the years has had several albums pressed and he is a great supporter of the local music scene. His ethos seems to mirror that of Press on Vinyl and I can see some business being done in the near future.

Eddie Parkinson’s Five vinyl records I couldn’t live without.

 1. Oasis – Definitely Maybe
 2. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
 3. Radiohead – O.K Computer
 4. David Bowie – Low
 5. Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in space

Eddie’s selection for the Press On collection:
Squid – Bright Green Field

Steve’s selection – Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Sleep with Angels

Neil’s selection – The Smile – A Light for Attracting Attention

We spent two hours in the store and didn’t scratch the surface, Steve has a new favourite record shop and he will be back. If you are in York I would definitely recommend a visit.

P.S Don’t tell Sound it Out about Steve’s new favourite shop

P.P.S Despite the Sat Nav, the Jazz and the questionable driving we made it home and The Delines were great check them out.

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