Omega Nebula Interview

Hey! Congrats on the vinyl release! How’s life treating you since then?

Thanks so much! Life is amazing! Vinyl is flying out and we’re preparing to take our new live show on tour this May!

For those just tuning in, how would you sum up Omega Nebula’s sound and style?

We like to call it future-dub! It’s a blend of digital dub, dubstep, reggae and bass music built for soundsystems. It’s heavy, melodic, euphoric, fun and forward thinking.

What’s the story behind the name Omega Nebula and how did you all meet?

Well we started off in an 8 piece reggae band which Dean lead for over 10 years, fell in love before our first rehearsal 🤣 and now we’re married! The band stopped performing in 2019 and as we’re both electronic music producers with a history of live performance we created this new project which ticks all our boxes!!

The name Omega Nebula is spacey which ties in with our Afro-futurist vibe and sound. It’s a nod to dub-reggae culture and a nebula is a producer of stars so I guess it’s a manifestation tool aswell!!

The green vinyl looks great! Was it tough deciding on the color?

Not really! The artwork came first so we wanted to tie it in with that! Which it does beautifully!

Who designed the album cover, and what inspired it?

Our very talented friend @jdbm_illustration did the art and we couldn’t love it more!!! We worked really closely with him on it and the results were epic. Our music is soundsystem music hence this being the focus of the design. It’s a nod to raving in the forest which is our favorite way to party! There’s a little bit of space travel in there, beautiful plants and the ravers are a mixture of ethnicities and backgrounds all coming together – so we feel like it really reflects what we’re all about!

When creating your music, who takes the lead as the primary lyricist and composer?

Adjua is queen lyricist and we both produce and compose all of our music. We usually take the lead on an individual song and then come together at the later stages of creation to make tweaks and sign them off with each other. It’s very balanced in terms of music creation which helps with variation in style. Dean is epic at mixing so he does most of the finishing off and does a bit of mastering too. We also go to Star delta mastering and have done for years as they’re the best!

Any interesting stories behind the creation of a specific song on the EP?

‘Built On A Rock’ is all about our mission to build an off-grid farmstead in Wales, complete with our own solar powered studio and accommodation for writing retreats!! We’re working on it!!!

If Omega Nebula could soundtrack a movie, what genre do you think your music would fit best?

Ooooh….Sci-fi fantasy action and adventure!

Any upcoming gigs or tours on the horizon?

We’re touring the UK this May! Tickets at We also have a ton of festivals booked including Glastonbury – Shangrila Peace stage! ☮️🤘🏾

What are you most excited about for 2024?

Playing all our new tunes out of epic sound systems!

How was the experience choosing Press On vinyl for your record release?

Awesome. We went on recommendation and you did not disappoint!!

What have you been listening to on your playlist lately?

We have a Spotify playlist called Dub, Dupstep & Reggae which we curated and keep adding to. We basically just play that on repeat! You can find it here –

Where can fans grab a copy of your album?

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