“Boro Is The Best Town In The World”: New Vinyl Pressing Plant Set To Open In Middlesbrough

press on vinyl office

Press on Vinyl is aiming to create 30 new jobs in the area and bring the love of vinyl back to Teesside.
Press on Vinyl Productions is a new company that are due to open their vinyl pressing plant in mid-May at the new Tees-Advance Manufacturing Park (TeesAMP).

In an exclusive interview with the company, Press on Vinyl told Have You Heard the News about the company and their plans for Teesside.

“The idea behind Press On Vinyl was the fact that we wanted to help local bands and independent artists to get their music heard and their records produced.”

It used to be 10 weeks to get a vinyl produced and now it is 7 to 8 months and we recognised how hard it was for people to get their records manufactured.

“The other major plants around the world are running at major capacity and other mainstream artists are getting their records produced over smaller, independent artists. We thought that if we can find a way to stop this problem, then we can not only benefit local artists in the town but it will also benefit everybody.”

Speaking about why they choose Middlesbrough to set up Press On Vinyl, Director David Todd said, “It’s the best town in the world.”

“Middlesbrough is where we are all from and it means something to us. We love the place. We love the music scene in Teesside and we have all been involved in the music scene here – it is what we are all about. Our business will make a huge difference to the town, as there are not many places in the world where you have a pressing plant on your doorstep. It will make a massive difference and will offer a lot of opportunity to the area in terms of employment.”


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