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We are making our way further up the A19 as we continue our odyssey. We have tickets for a gig later at the Cluny so we decide to park near the venue and walk into the city centre. The journey is very straightforward and get parked easily but we find the maximum stay is four hours so we have to get our skates on in our hope to visit two stores.

This trip will be split into two blogs with this one concentrating on Beatdown Records situated in Berwick Street.

As you enter the store there is a chalkboard on the wall to the left giving information on albums that are new in, coming soon, restocks and reissues a sort of menu if you like and a really nice touch to wet your appetite.

The shop itself is split into two large rooms, the first space looks to be about 50/50 vinyl and cd’s with the vinyl room at the back, accessed through a corridor containing all vinyl of the more niche variety but all genres I could think of are catered for.

The shop is run, managed and owned by Paul Donley and Mick Wrightson. Paul was manning the vinyl room and told me he had worked in the music retail business for many years and when opportunity arose to invest in this shop it was a no brainer and it really is a labour of love. His first love is 70’s rock/metal but ask him about anything and he’ll have an answer.

In the other room Steve was talking to co-owner Mick Wrightson another muso with a crazy amount of knowledge and broad music taste.

Mick was getting ready for the up coming Record Store Day. He loves the day as an event and stated that it can be a great boost to independent record stores but caveated his statement with the warning that he has to be careful with his ordering and not be left with too many over stocks which can be crippling in this difficult financial climate, it really is a balancing act.

Paul Donley – Five Vinyl Albums I Can’t Live Without

  1. Jethro Tull – Aqualung
 2. Journey – Frontiers
 3. Tom Waits – Blood Money
 4. Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic
 5. Chicago – Chicago Transit Authority

Paul’s selection for the Press On Vinyl collection – Black Lips – Let It Bloom

Steve’s selection – King Crimson – Starless and Bible Black

Neil’s selection – The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead

The classic album for sale and picked out this week is The Who – Quadrophenia

The album was in great condition still had the amazing photo booklet intact in the centrefold and was priced at £40.00 an absolute bargain for a stone cold classic.

Steve’s Track Ranking

  1. Love, Reign O’er Me
 2. 5:15
 3. The Real Me
 4. Cut My Hair
 5. Sea And Sand
 6. The Punk And The Godfather
 7. The Dirty Jobs
 8. Quadrophenia
 9. I’m One
10. I Am The Sea
11. Bell Boy
12. Doctor Jimmy
13. The Rock
14. Drowned
14. I’ve Had Enough
14. Is It In My Head
15. Helpless Dancer

Neil’s Track Ranking

  1. Love, Reign O’er Me
 2. The Real Me
 3. The Rock
 4. I’m One
 5. Cut My Hair
 6. Sea And Sand
 7. Quadrophenia
 8. 5:15
 9. Doctor Jimmy
10. Drowned
11. The Dirty Jobs
12. The Punk And The Godfather
13. Is It In My Head
14. Bell Boy
15. I Am The Sea
16. I’ve Had Enough
17. Helpless Dancer

We both agree on the number one for the second blog running and we aren’t too far apart on the rest although I’ll have to educate Steve on The Rock definitely my favourite all time rock instrumental.

If you’re not familiar with our number one it really is a great track featuring Townhend’s beautiful piano intro and probably Daltrey’s greatest vocal performance.

I’m now worried about a parking ticket and Steve is still digging and talking but mostly talking so short of setting off the fire alarm I literally drag him out of the store but this place is really worth a visit if you are ever in Newcastle.

P.S. Our next blog will be Vinyl Guru a two minute walk from Beatdown our classic album will be Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd so get your track ranking done and see how it compares to ours.

Ill fitting clothes
And I blend in the crowd
Fingers so clumsy
Voice too loud
“I’m One” – The Who
(Could have been written for Steve)

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