Bear Park Interview

Kerry – Hey there, Bear Park! It’s great to have you here. How did you feel seeing your music pressed to vinyl for the first time?

“It was crazy! We never knew what the process would actually look like, so it was cool that our first time seeing vinyl pressed was also the first time seeing our own vinyl being pressed. Being able to physically hold a body of work is a pretty great feeling.”

Kerry – What’s the story behind the name ‘Bear Park’? How did you all decide on it?

“We used to have a different name, ‘The Baltics’, but there were so many bands with the same name, even in the same general area. So, our record label wanted us to change it. We couldn’t for the life of us agree on anything until we were at the pub browsing google maps, and saw a place near where we live called Bearpark, we thought it had a cool ring to it and the rest is history!”

Kerry – Could you share how long Bear Park has been together, and what’s been the most exciting part of your journey so far?

“We’ve been making music together since 2019 when we were 14 and 15, but have been the three piece since early 2021. The most exciting part so far has been touring with The Libertines! I couldn’t have ever imagined supporting such an influential band, but here we are!”

Kerry – That’s amazing, lots of great memories I imagine! Your artwork is fantastic. Who was the creative mind behind the design?

“We got our close friend Maggie Barksby, who is actually a filmmaker rather than photographer, to do a general photoshoot for us for album promo. We were just messing around with ideas but actually ended up really liking the picture of us jumping. It just had such a nice look to it, we knew straight away that it had to be the album art!”

Kerry – . I agree it looks so good especially next to the black vinyl! Who are some of the musical artists or bands that have influenced Bear Park?

“Oh there are so many! We all have such different tastes. To name a few, we love Wallow’s songwriting, Hockey Dad’s sound, King Krule’s chord patterns, Sam Fender’s live presence. We take parts of lots of different artists and just sort of smash them together.”

Kerry – Is there a particular song you all love to perform live?

“We love playing The Other Way, it’s such a nice and refreshing part of the set, especially before/after some bigger and bouncier tunes. At the minute we’ve been loving Twelve Inch Record Store too, the ending is huge!”

Kerry – Are there any amusing or unforgettable moments from your live shows that you can tell us about?

“We went in an ice bath with Peter Doherty after supporting The Libertines in Leeds, it was mental and we agreed to do it on the spot. We went on a night out afterwards with wet boxers on and kept leaving all the seats soaking left in every bar.”

Kerry – That is so funny! It’ll be hard to top that! What upcoming gigs or performances can fans expect from Bear Park?

“We are playing at Hardwick and Lindisfarne this year which has always been a dream of ours. Seeing our name up there with all those people is crazy.”

Kerry – You certainly deserve a place up there! So as you have recently had your records pressed with us how has your experience using Press On Vinyl been?

“It’s been awesome! The staff have all been so lovely and helpful, filming videos for us and even giving us history lessons on how vinyl has been printed over time. It’s class.”

Kerry – Thats so great to know. Lastly, where can fans follow Bear Park online to listen to your music and purchase your merch?

Instagram, Facebook, X (Twitter) @bearparkmusic

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